Our Kitchen

Some of our staff has been apart of the Dinah's crew for over 40 years. Our kitchen staff is dedicated to bringing you the freshest and best products we can offer with our specialized pressure fryers and original recipes.

Our Sides

Our Chicken

All of our home-made side orders are made fresh daily in our kitchen from our original and first three sides of buttery mashed potatoes and gravy, best-selling, sweet pineapple coleslaw, and our savory potato salad to some newer side items. These include macaroni salad with fresh pickles and bell peppers, creamy marshmallo-y fruit mellow, crispy, thick cut French fries, quick fry corn on the cobb, triple cheesy mac & cheese, and traditional holiday stuffing. Each dish is carefully prepared and served only using the freshest ingredients to ensure the Dinah's quality we've delivered for over 50 years.

Our Kitchen uses fresh, never frozen, chickens, which are hand breaded everyday in The Dinah's Secret Recipe and set to marinate for no less than 24 hours. Once marinated, the chicken will then be 'dropped' into our special method Pressure Fryers. Pressure Frying locks in all of the chicken's natural juices, but keeps the oil out, leaving you with fresh, golden brown chicken, every time. The light dust of breading gives you he perfect crispy crunch, yet our special method of frying keeps our chicken juicy and never dry. 


Have You Tried

Our Chicken 'N' Waffles?

Our crispy, juicy chicken pairs so well with our fluffy, yet crunchy waffle. The sweet syrup and savory chicken topped with whipped butter and powdered sugar work in harmony for a flavor explosion in your mouth. Add some Louisiana Hot Sauce if you're feeling adventurous. 

The Perfect Date Night Combo

Dinner for Two



Get six pieces of our delicious chicken and four 1/2 pints of our homemade side orders along with two rolls for the ideal meal for two.


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